Youth Wing

The Chia (Pow Soo) Hakka Clan Association Youth Wing is a dynamic group dedicated to inheriting and developing the Hakka Baoshu Xie Clan culture and cultivating the next generation of leaders and social elites. As part of the Baoshu Xie Clan Association, the Youth Wing provides a unique platform for young people to help them shape a successful life trajectory through learning, communication and cooperation.

Core Values

The core value of the Youth Wing is inheritance and development. We firmly believe that young people are the guardians and inheritors of Baoshu Xie’s culture with unlimited potential and creativity. By organizing various cultural activities, training and social service projects, the Youth Wing is committed to inheriting the excellent traditions of the Baoshu Xie family, cultivating members’ love for culture, and providing support for their personal and professional growth.


The activities of the Youth Wing are colorful and cover many fields. We organize a variety of cultural activities, such as traditional festival celebrations, singing performances, calligraphy and painting etc., aiming to let young people understand and experience the cultural essence of Xie family name. These activities not only deepen the members’ understanding of traditional culture, but also cultivate their aesthetic ability and artistic appreciation.

Leadership & Social Responsibilities

In addition, the Youth Wing also pays attention to the cultivation of members’ leadership and social responsibility. We organize various training courses and seminars to help members improve their leadership, communication and teamwork skills. By participating in community service activities, our youth members can understand social issues, learn to care for others, and actively participate in social welfare undertakings, contributing to the development of the community.