Origin of Xie

The surname Xie mainly comes from two sources: the surname Ren and the surname Jiang. According to legend, the Ren surname Xie has a history of at least 3,500 years, and it almost disappeared during the three generations of “Xia, Shang and Zhou”.

The Jiang surname Xie has a history of 2,800 years. It originated in Xieying Village, East and West, Jinhua, Wancheng District, Nanyang City, Henan Province. The 63rd Shen Bo (the Western Zhou Dynasty) of Yan Emperor (Jiang surname) is honored as the ancestor of the surname.

In fact, there are many origins of the Xie surname, most of whom are descendants of Emperor Yan’s surname Jiang, is known to be “authentic”.


Origin of Hakka

The ancestors of the Hakka people originated from northern part of China and migrated to the south. They are a tribe of the Han nationality in the southern part of country. When the Hakka culture retains the mainstream characteristics of China culture, it also accommodates the cultural essence of the local ethnic groups. Hakka people often use those talented men as role models to inspire and educate their children, grandchildren and learn from their meritorious and successful predecessors.

Some people say: Wherever there is the sun, there are Chinese people, and wherever there are Chinese people, there are Hakkas.

Others say: Wherever there is sunshine, there are Hakkas; wherever there is a piece of land, Hakkas will gather to live together, work hard and reproduce.


Our clan byname is Bao Shu crowned with Hakka. As the name suggests, it is a clan with the surname Xie belonging to the Hakka people.


Established on 9th January 1957. Before “Chia (Pow Soo) Hakka Clan Association” changed its name, we were known as “Singapore Nanyang Khek Community Pow Soo Association”.

Our Motto

On September 12, 1989 we created clan motto. The clan motto is sincerity, diligence, publicity, and perseverance. Our original main purpose was to provide benefits to the Xie Hakka people.


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