Brief Intro

Before “Chia (Pow Soo) Hakka Clan Association” changed its name, we were known as “Singapore Nanyang Khek Community Pow Soo Association”.

Established on 9th January 1957, our original main purpose was to provide benefits to the Xie Hakka people.

Setting Up Mutual Aid Units, Scholarship and Welfare Committees

In order to adapt to the needs of the environment, the clan organized a mutual aid unit in the spring of 1960, with the purpose of strengthening ties between clan members and promoting mutual aid.

It also provides members with mutual aid funds, and other assistance.

Under the Mutual Aid Act of the then government, a separate charter was established, re-registered, and named the Nanyang Hakka Baoshu Tongzong Mutual Aid Unit. Since then, it has been sincerely serving the clan members all the way.

In the autumn of 1974, our clan established a scholarship committee to award scholarships during the annual spring festival. This is to encourage the children of members to study diligently and cultivate good character, in order to become good citizens.

Next, our society organized welfare funds in the winter of that year. The committee raises welfare funds to serve poor and sick members.