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Our Histroy

A brief history of the Hakka Baoshu Chia Association in Singapore [1957-2017]

Founded in the 1950s, Nanyang Hakka Baoshu Tong Clan Society was officially registered and established in my country on January 9, 1957. The initial community was located at Victoria Street, No. 349A, and was born in response to the government’s urbanization. Reconstruction plan, on January 3, 1993, moved to No. 8-B, Geylang Thirteen Lane, the new club purchased by our company, and continued to develop the club business. It has a history of 60 years. The purpose of establishing the society at that time was to jointly promote the common interests of the clan members, commemorate ancestors and organize Spring and Autumn Festival.

Our Work

Organizations organized mutual aid units, scholarship and welfare [1960-1970]

In order to adapt to the needs of the environment, the club organized a mutual aid unit in the spring of 1960, with the purpose of strengthening kinship and promoting mutual aid, and providing mutual aid funds to the members, and handling mutual aid matters for the members at the same time. As well as providing other assistance, under the Mutual Aid Act of the government at that time, a separate charter was established, re-registered, and named Nanyang Keshu Baoshu Tong Clan Mutual Aid Unit. In the autumn of 1974, our society established a scholarship committee to award scholarships during the annual Spring Festival to encourage the children of social workers to study diligently and cultivate good character, so as to become good citizens. Next, our society organized a welfare fund in the winter of that year. The committee raises welfare funds to serve poor and sick members.

The 1989 Annual General Meeting of Members adopted the important “social motto” of the Society to strengthen the cohesion, spirit of unity, and awareness of love among the members of the Society, thereby accelerating the development of the Society’s affairs. “Social motto” is the four words of sincerity, diligence, publicity and perseverance. 

Singapore Hakka Baoshu Xie Association

At the beginning of its establishment, the Association was registered in the name of Nanyang Hakka Baoshu Tongzong Society. After Singapore’s independence, the Community Registration Bureau no longer allowed non-Singapore members to join the clan association. “Nanyang” generally refers to Southeast Asia, including the current ASEAN . At that time, there were a small number of guilds named after Nanyang, which is no longer in line with the actual situation. Furthermore, most of the young, native-born Chinese in Singapore are no longer familiar with the surnames left by their ancestors. Not everyone knows “Precious Tree”. , is the name of Xie’s family. In order to make it clear to everyone, we changed the name of the association to “Singapore Hakka Baoshu Xie Association”.

Clan Activities

1.Spring and Autumn festivals are held every year to promote the virtue of drinking water and remembering its source, and being cautious about the future.

2. Continuously award scholarships to the children of members, carry forward the Hakka spirit of advocating culture and education, and encourage everyone to work hard to learn and contribute to the country and society in the future.

3. A Chinese New Year gathering is held every year during the Chinese New Year to promote unity, and of course there is also yusheng.

4. Organize one-day trips for members and their families from time to time to enhance friendship among members.

5. Hold irregular member exchange meetings to promote everyone’s understanding and discuss the improvement and development of conference affairs.

6. Visit old relatives and carry forward the virtue of respecting the elderly and the wise.

7. Organize a root-seeking trip back to your hometown to enhance your understanding of your hometown and your roots.

8. Establish a youth league to train future successors of the guild.

9. Establish the “Baoshu Hakka Singing Group” to carry forward and inherit Hakka culture.

10. Actively participate in various activities at home and abroad. For example, at the beginning of 2017, the Baoshu Hakka Singing Troupe was invited by the Johor Bahru Hakka Association to participate in the outing of the gods of the century-old temple in Johor Bahru, and participated in singing Hakka songs.


Summarizing the past 60 years, our society has moved forward with the times, and has made great efforts in the Spring and Autumn Festival, the fine traditions of the Chinese people, the communication, mutual assistance and welfare among members, and cultural and educational work. At the same time, it has also expanded the scope of its purpose. , Increased and improved many social affairs activities. With the advent of the 21st century, our association has joined the my country Federation of Clan Associations as a member. With the concerted efforts of our directors and members, we have added many conference activities, which are scheduled to be held on May 7, 2017. Today is a good day for our association to celebrate its 60th anniversary. At the same time, we publish a commemorative special issue to commemorate its prosperity. Looking forward to the future, we hope that everyone can be more united and redouble their efforts to make more and better contributions to the country, society and people.