Hakka Precepts

Hakka family rules and family mottos are the representative of traditional Chinese family motto culture. They are a concentrated expression of the Hakka people’s emphasis on family education and inheritance of fine family traditions. They contain the Hakka people’s feelings of home and country based on loyalty and filial piety, the behavioral norms of goodwill and good neighborliness, and the survival wisdom of diligence and thrift. It demonstrates the excellent traditional virtues of China everywhere and contains rich life experience and profound cultural spirit.

Hakka family rules and mottos are the embodiment of wisdom in every family’s education and an important source of spiritual growth for young people. Classic family traditions and rules have lofty artistic conception and rich connotations, urging people to do good and make progress. They are the life creed for people to cultivate their moral character and hone their talents. Therefore, civilized family traditions need to be passed down from generation to generation and traditional culture promoted.

The great China stands in the east.

The Hakka ethnic group has a long history. 

The ancestral family motto is written in every word.

The teachings of  sages will never be forgotten by future generations.

1. Filial piety
Filial piety is the foundation of all good deeds, and the prophet respects his father and mother.

Every inch of grass reports the glow of spring, and we are always concerned.

Parents are born as Buddhas and should be filial.​

Serve diligently while you are alive and provide care with care.

2. Friendship
Brothers are like siblings, sisters should be virtuous.

The sisters-in-law are all harmonious, and relatives often visit each other.

Smile when meeting everyone, and neighbors help each other.

The family is in harmony, everything is prosperous, and everything is peaceful inside and outside.

3. Educate Children
Meng’s mother was good at choosing her neighbors and teaching her children the right way.

You must get up early at dawn and make tea .

The halls are diligently swept and the courtyards are fragrant with flowers and fruits.

Diligent and thrifty family heirlooms, waste without conscience.

4. Sincere Love
We have been crossing the same boat for hundreds of years, and we are destined to become mandarin ducks.

A virtuous wife brings few disasters, and a loving husband brings longevity and blessings.

Being a husband and raising a son carries a heavy responsibility on one’s shoulders.

We grow old together and fly together.

5. Encourage Learning
The moon shines on the lotus pond, and the surrounding house smells the fragrance of books.

Teachers were respected and education was valued, and schools were built everywhere.

With pen and ink in your chest, you will go out with great enthusiasm.

Reading thousands of volumes is better than having treasures.


Fortunately for me, I have a very high threshold for pain. I am a kejia ren (Hakka). Kejia ren can take a lot of pain. So, I survived.

6. Living in the World
When going out, you must be well-dressed and have a dignified appearance.

People respect me one foot, and I respect others one foot.

Talk about big things in a soft voice, and everything will be easy to discuss.

Live with integrity and the road will be open. 

7. Maintain Integrity
Being an official for one term will bring benefits to everyone.

Diligent and honest, a bright mirror hangs high in the hall.

Don’t repay kindness when you give it. Don’t forget the kindness you receive.

Don’t do anything wrong, as soon as you wake up, you will feel the light of day.

8. Mercantile
The Hakkas are prosperous in all industries, and they value literature and commerce.

You can get rich by cultivating mountains, and you can trade across oceans.

Love money in the right way, and be harmonious and have a wide source of wealth.

When he returned to his hometown, his ancestors became famous.

9. Follow Life
Forefathers planted more trees so that future generations can enjoy the shade.

Cherish the water and soil and leave them for future generations to enjoy.

Work and rest according to the rules, maintain health and regulate yin and yang.

Green mountains reflect clear water, this blessed land is my hometown.

10. Nostalgia
Children have great ambitions and dare to travel far and wide.

A place where you can settle down wherever you want, a foreign country is your hometown.

Able in literature and martial arts, patriotic and loving his hometown.

When the leaves fall and return to their roots, the fragrance of the mulberry trees remains!

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